Generate a personal analytics report of your facebook account with WolframAlpha!

This is really amazing. Today just going through some of the reader feeds I came across this amazing analytics application by WolframAlpha for analytical processing of your facebook data.
If you don’t know about WolframAlpha then it is required that you go to and have a look at the website. It is a computational knowledge engine that processes your query text in lot of dimensions. Anyways that’s the thing it is famous for, but here I am discussing the analytical application for facebook data.
To get your facebook data analyzed goto and give query text as facebook report and login with your facebook credentials.
The information that it analyses is categorized into:
  •        Basic personal Information
  •          Basic Places
  •          Activities that we do on facebook
  •          Post statistics with post length!!
  •          Weekly app and interface activity
  •          Photos with comments on photos
  •          Friends gender wise percentage
  •          Friends age groups
  •          Friends network

 Friends gender wise percentage

Photos with comments on photos
    Friends network
So friends go and see how rich your facebook network is?


  1. Check out the new Wisdom app,, from MicroStrategy. It also allows you to create custom infographics based on your personal analytics.


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