How to save and load a debugging session to database or flat file in ABAP?

There are instances when we have to debug some applications for very long time. But what if you have some urgency and you have to leave your workstation.
SAP Debugger has a very good utility using which you can save the debugging session completely along with break points, watch points and layouts.
The debugging session will not persist for long time so you can save the data of the session to a file to a persistent storage medium like a flat file or database.
To save the debugging session go to Debugger->Debugger Session->Save, as shown in image below.
A popup box will be  presented to select whether to save the session to File or data base as per the below screen.
Database option selected
Select what components to be saved and press save.

File option selected

To load the session go to above mentioned path and select Load from Menu. You will be presented with a popup to select the database session of file and the component. Select the appropriate choice and click the folder icon to load the session.

Load new Session


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