How to Stop Win 7 making a window arrange on Screen when moved to edge / Aero Snap

We love new features all time, be it in mobile or in an operating system. But some time this features make some annoying things that we don't like or not at all required. Windows always comes up with new features and make its users more comfortable using these features.
Microsoft has come up with new windows 8 with Metro UI and many more new stuff, but I am not discussing Windows 8 features here. Some time when I am doing some development I need two three windows to be opened. But this Aero Snap feature that Windows 7 and also 8 has makes windows arrange whenever my mouse touched the edge of the screen. I don't want this to happen. I was annoyed with this for quite some time and wanted to some how disable this feature. And some days back I found it finally.
So here is the solution if you are also on same page as me and want to disable this feature.

Go to the path shown in screen shot below and apply the settings.

Disable/Enable Aero Snap


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