Make you presentations ZOOOM!!!!

Using Microsoft power point for your presentations is the old way of presenting things. PPTs give us animations, graphics and many more things to make it look catchy but still why do our audience feel bored?
How about making the old way of presentation a little bit spicy and make it interactive.
Prezi is the tool which makes your presentations more interactive and gives your content a new life. I don’t have to speak lot about the presentation style that Prezi gives you. You just need to follow the link below and feel what can be the future or I say the present is!
Just follow the link below and see the Full screen view of the presentation.
Things you can do with this tool:

  • Pan and Zoom
Zoom around the prezi canvas to visualize your ideas.

  • Import Media 
Import PowerPoint slides, images, videos, YouTube videos, PDFs, etc.

  • Prezi Viewer iPad App
View, retouch and present your prezis from your iPad.

  • Present Online and Offline
Present online or download and show your prezi offline.

  • Work Together
Collaborate in real-time, across the room or across time zones.

  • Add Storyline
Use frames and a path to create a cinematic journey.

Go to below link and register your self to get started with your own Prezi's!!!


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