How to copy iDocs from one system to another sytem?

Today I had a issue of iDocs being locked and this issue was in quality system. So I was not able to test my changes to fix the issue. So this amazing idea of copying the Idoc from Quality system to Development system came into my mind.

But the problem is, is it even feasible to copy the IDocs between systems? Ok to find the solution I was searching SDN and other blogs. Then I found that there is a provision in Idoc test tool (tcode WE19) from where we can make a simple text file of the Idoc.

So here is the Procedure:

  • Go to transation WE19 and give the Idoc number. In the tool bar you will find a Inbound File button.

  • Give the file name on application server where you want to store the file. Say /quality/local/tmp/sample_idoc.txt
And be sure that “Start Idoc inbound processing of file immediately” is unchecked.

This will copy the idoc into a file on application server.

  • Download the text file to your desktop using TCODE CG3Y.
  • Upload this file to the application server of the system where you want to copy the idoc. In our case it is to the development system. Use TCODE CG3Z to upload the file from your desktop to application server say to file /develop/local/tmp/sample_idoc.txt.

  • Now again go to WE19 and check the File as Template radio button and give the path to file on application server in our case it /develop/local/tmp/sample_idoc.txt. and execute. 
  • This will create a new Idoc on your application server.
And thats done!


  1. Good Method and worked in 4 simple steps
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes this approach works fine for a limited number of IDOCs.
    Due to the fact, that I had to move a lot of messages from one to
    another system, I developed a windows application, which does the copying, if the authorization and ALE configuration supports that.


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