Disable Firefox's script unresponsive popup

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Lately I have come across this annoying problem with Firefox, it pops up with script unresponsive and goes all frozen. I can't even close the tab or Firefox window. Every time it happened I had to close FF from task manager and kill the task.
It gives you two options either to stop or continue with script execution. No matter what you select FF will freeze after that.
Luckily I found this solution after a lot of googling and wasting some time with FF configs.
So here is the solution.

  1. Open FF.
  2. Go to URL bar and enter "about:config"
  3. This will open a warning page select the checkbox that says "Show this warning next time" and click the continue button.

  1. You'll get a page with FF's config entries.
  2. Search for script_run_time.
  3. You'll get two properties
    1. max_chrome_script_runtime
    2. max_script_runtime

  1. Double click these and change the value to "0".
  2. That's it close FF and restart and you'll never get that annoying script unresponsive popup.


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